Enlarge and rule. Aspring Capital presents an overview of the Russian Mergers and Acquisitions market for 2023


March 14, 2024, Moscow – Aspring Capital unveils insights into the Russian Mergers and Acquisitions market for 2023. Following a record-breaking year in 2022, the market's momentum continues unabated. Analysts highlight several key trends:

·      Consolidation

·      Increased involvement of strategic investors

·      Decrease in deals involving foreign investors exiting the country

·      Surge in domestic transactions

Despite geopolitical shifts over the past two years, the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) sector maintains its dominance in market activity. Notably, the B2B services segment within TMT emerges as a hotspot, attracting significant interest from major IT holdings and ecosystems. This segment's potential is underscored by its ability to outpace the highly competitive B2C services, making it a promising investment and business expansion area.

Analysts anticipate a spike in M&A deals within the private healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, which saw subdued activity in 2023. As competition intensifies, the pharmaceutical market is poised for renewed consolidation, while the healthcare sector may witness significant restructuring and market consolidation, driven partly by changes in ownership of key assets amidst major players' re-domiciliation processes. These impending shifts underscore the importance of strategic planning and adaptability, as businesses must be prepared for potential market changes and adjust their strategies accordingly.

The report draws on an analysis of public deals exceeding 1 billion rubles in value in 2023, sourced from Mergermarket, the proprietary transaction database. Deals involving redistribution of current shareholders' stakes, options for implementation, or government participation are excluded from the overview.

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