Aspring Capital’s HR Business Partner met with the members of the CFA Association Russia


January 26, 2023, Moscow – Natalia Mirskaya, HR Business Partner at Aspring Capital, held an online seminar for CFA Association Russia. Her presentation centered on recruitment strategies and emerging skills for financial professionals.

Natalia provided an overview of the current market landscape and acknowledged that despite global uncertainty and volatility, companies are still seeking new growth opportunities.

During the seminar, participants engaged in discussions on various contentious topics, including the rising popularity of project-based work as an alternative to traditional employment.

Natalia emphasized the benefits of project work, saying: «Project-based employment offers a viable pathway for individuals looking to transition into another industry or explore related fields. It provides a comfortable environment for applicants to expand their professional horizons, while also benefiting employers. Currently, the project job market is thriving».

Another topic highlighted during the seminar was soft skills, which have gained significant prominence in the past few years. Natalia emphasized the importance of cross-skilling, i.e., developing critical thinking, creativity, and communication, as these skills remain crucial in recruitment and career advancement.

The event was moderated by Vladimir Tutkevich, a Consultant for CFA Association Russia. CFA Association Russia serves as the representative body of the CFA Institute, a global association for investment professionals.

To view a recording of this session, click here